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Welcome to 2degrees, New Zealand's full-service telco.

Our story started back in the late 90s, as the New Zealand Government readied an auction of 3G rights. Led by Rangiaho Everton a group of Maori visionaries realised the radio spectrum was taonga. Using the Treaty of Waitangi to challenge the auction, they gained the right to launch a 3G mobile network in 1999.

Meanwhile Tex Edwards founded 2degrees in February 2001, and provided the initial capital. Later that year investments were made by Strive Masiyiwa's Econet Wireless group and shortly afterwards the pan-Maori trust Hautaki. After successfully advocating for critical regulatory realignment the company was fully capitalised in 2007 and construction of its mobile network began.

Tex Edwards sold his interests in 2degrees in 2016 after some 15 years of support for the company including as a senior executive, director and founding shareholder. But of course, we kept moving forward.

Fast forward to 2019, with 2degrees backed by a unique and experienced blend of Kiwi and international investors. In March 2015 we acquired New Zealand's fourth largest ISP, and now deliver broadband and mobile across the country. And since our launch we’ve spent over $964m creating a network that covers 98.5% of the places Kiwis live and work.

Led by CEO Mark Aue, our management team have built and delivered mobile telecommunication networks and services around the world. And the entire 2degrees team continues to believe in our customers and this great country of New Zealand. We’re always fighting for fair, and though it’s not why we do it, we’re chuffed we've been recognised along the way. We’re especially proud of our Kiwi based customer service team. Their work has won many awards over the years.

Fighting for fair is in our DNA… and this is just the beginning. Whether it’s slashing the costs of mobile services for Kiwis when we launched, delivering best in class broadband to the country, or launching ground breaking products like Carryover Data or our shared Pool Plans, 2degrees is here for the people of NZ.


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At 2degrees we are passionate about creating a great place to work. We are always on the lookout for talented people who share our values and are genuinely excited about delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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RE:MOBILE - mobile phone recycling scheme

2degrees is a proud supporter of RE:MOBILE, a mobile phone recycling scheme accredited by the Minister for the Environment.

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Sponsorship, Events & Community Initiatives

At 2degrees we’re keen on supporting NZ activities that share our way of the world and bring people and cultures closer together.

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Mobile Phone Sites

To ensure all New Zealanders have access to better value mobile products and services, we have built our own national mobile network which not only provides our customers with great coverage, but also caters for future growth as the demand for smart phones and other mobile devices grows.

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