Work from Home Fibre

Delivering business grade broadband through a dedicated Fibre connection to employees’ homes, Work from Home Fibre does what it says on the tin – it’s fast and offers the capacity businesses need. 

Plus, web-filtering is part of the package, you’ll have the option to switch on our web-filtering security add-on – a service that enables you to block sites known for phishing, malware and other security threats to work laptops or computers – for free, plus you can also choose to block streaming sites. 

Upload speeds are up to 5X faster compared to our home broadband Standard Fibre 100 Plan – super important for things like video conferencing.

$ 89 /m excl GST.

This pack includes

  • Unlimited data
  • Free Web Filtering As an add-on
  • Free high spec modem & connection With a term contract

Interested in Work from Home Fibre?

Just fill in the form below and one of our NZ based Sales Consultants will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 022 002. 

Why choose 2degrees for your business?

Ultra Fast Fibre

At up to 100/100Mbps offers the capacity businesses need.

Web-filtering for security

Our web-filtering security add-on blocks sites known for phishing, malware and other security threats at no extra cost.

Unlimited data

No data caps so no need to worry about running out or reduced speeds.

Things you need to know about fibre
  • Fibre is the best type of broadband connection available. It can support services such as HD video conferencing, online backup, Office365 and VOIP connections, as well as handle the demands of multiple users being connected at the same time.
  • Getting Fibre installed is usually pretty straightforward, but some premises may need consent from the building owner, body corporate and/or any other affected parties. If you don’t own the property, you must obtain the owner’s consent to install it.
  • Installation does involve getting a new fibre cable from the road to your premises so you’ll need to make time for a site assessment to discuss this with the installer, as well as being present for some parts of the actual install. A new Fibre connection can typically take up to 30 days to install for standalone premises. Fibre installs into buildings that contain a number of tenants may take longer, depending on consents and how complex the build is In a small number of cases it can take longer.
  • Sometimes further checks are needed at your property before we can confirm your connection.
  • Speeds can vary depending on a number of factors. Our standard Fibre service has the potential to deliver speeds up to 100Mbps download and up to 100Mbps upload. For those that want more, you can choose the Smart Fibre 900/400 which has the potential to deliver speeds up to 900Mbps download and up to 400Mbps upload.
  • Fibre needs mains power to operate – if power is unavailable (e.g. in a power outage) your broadband and any serviceswhich run over it (such as a Smart Phone Line) will not work unless your premises have battery backup. Calls, including emergency calls, will not work over a Smart Phone Line if there is no power.
  • Fibre may affect older analogue services such as monitored alarms, faxes and EFTPOS that use existing copper lines. You’ll need to contact your provider of those services to check that these will work with Fibre.
  • Non-standard installations may incur additional charges.
  • If you are switching from an existing Broadband provider you may need to give them notice depending on your contract and term status.
Terms & Conditions

Work from Home Fibre offers speeds up to 100/100 Mbps. Stated speeds based on theoretical maximums and vary due to various factors. 

Work from Home Fibre: Available at residential addresses only. Not available alongside 2degrees’ 900/400 home broadband service or any broadband service provided by a third party supplier. Fibre not available everywhere. Business Broadband Plan Terms and Conditions and other T&Cs apply. 

Security (web-filtering) Add-On: May be added by you at sign-up for no additional cost. Business Broadband Security (web-filtering) Add-On Terms and Conditions apply.